Switches – Modern trends and varieties

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In simple terms switch is a device which interrupts current in the circuit at a desired instance. It is a binary device which has two states.  Switch is a basic device required in any home or industrial or any area wheremodular swithces wood range electrical power is utilized for running apparatus. Switches are available in single/two/three pole and single/two way depending on the supply phases and requirement. In single phase circuits, one way switch is generally connected in phase and neutral is directly given to apparatus. This is simple application but for lighting in bedrooms it has become common practice to install two-way switches where we can operate lights and fans from two places i.e., at the entrance of room and also near the bed. In lengthy godowns, factories multiple two-way switches are generally used to switch ON/OFF lights as we go in and out.modular switches

The role of Switch from the customary function of breaking the circuit to multifunctional and decoration item has undergone many changes in technological as well as in outlook aspect. Recent trend in house wiring is to use modular switches which seamlessly integrate with the colour and texture of walls for more aesthetic look of the interiors. Motion sensing switches now widely used in smart homes, sense the motion and automatically switches ON/OFF fans

and lights in the room. IR switches is another type where connected apparatus can be switched ON/OFF by way of remote using Infra-Red technology. Time switches are also available which are switched by setting the time for ON/OFF operation. In the hotels the switches like hospitality range switches are used where key is inserted to switch ON the lights & fans in switch indicatorrooms. There are many other types of switches like touch switches, indicator switches, bell push switches etc. are also available in the market which can be used for specific purposes

The well-known old normal switch has been reformed into many shapes and one has to choose diligently the type of switch which suits the purpose. You can compare, choose and buy all the types switches online at the India’s largest core electrikal market www.electrikals.com


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