Types of Batteries

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           Batteries are the primary sources of electrical energy in which chemical energy is converted into DC electrical energy. These are independent and hence are very extensively used everywhere. Basically, there are two types of batteries. They are Non-rechargeable and Rechargeable type of batteries.

Industrial batteries         Non-rechargeable batteries are the ones which are designed for single usage i.e., once they are discharged they can be no longer used. These batteries are usually used in small power applications like TV remotes, toys, battery operated torches etc.

        Rechargeable batteries are the batteries which can be reused by recharging them. They used widely in domestic as well as industrial applications. Mostly used domestic application of the rechargeable type of batteries is in Inverters. Inverters are used as standby sources of power in the event of a power failure in the houses. Inverter batteries are of many types like tubular batteries, flat plate batteries, lead acid batteries. Battery chargers are built in the inverter module and these chargers trickle charge the batteries. Flat Plate and tubular batteries are usually used in home inverters. A Recent trend is the usage of tubular batteries in domestic inverter applications because they are small in size and easy maintenance. These batteries have complex design and are practically maintenance free. Flat plate batteries are also in use in small household applications where cost matters. Flat plate batteries are less cost compared to tubular batteries. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep these batteries in working condition.

Industrial batteries

           Lead-acid batteries are used in many industrial heavy duty applications like a backup in Substations. Maintenance has to be done regularly. The specific gravity of the acid has to be checked up periodically, electrolyte level to be checked up and distilled water also to be topped up when level comes down. These batteries are to be properly ventilated. Moreover, these batteries release poisonous gases during charging and discharging. Lead Acid Batteries are slowly being replaced with Maintenance Free Batteries as they are convenient and maintenance is minimal. The disadvantage of Maintenance free batteries is that they are expensive and their life is a little bit lesser compared to Lead acid batteries. In some industries where there are pollution and chances of dirt depositing on the batteries, Sealed Maintenance Free i.e., SMF Batteries are being used. The design of battery chargers for the industrial applications is different from the domestic. In these chargers provision of boost and trickle charge will be available. Also in some chargers charging current can be regulated.

             The battery is to be selected diligently by considering all your requirements like the place of operation, maintenance, power requirement so that uninterrupted supply can be maintained.

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Surge Suppressor or Arrestors

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             Now a day’s everyone world runs on electronics and the quality of electrical power is very important. A sudden or quick increase of voltage can be a serious threat to all your sensitive electronic equipment and in normal these fluctuations occur many times a day. And these ups in voltage is called surge. surge arrestors

         Surges formed by a lightning hit close to your house can badly spoil your home electronics. These surges can enter through telephone, cable TV line or any power lines. Some home equipment is also responsible for generating surges like Power tools, furnaces, freezers, vacuum cleaners to mention few. surge arrestors

              So to protect your electronics or house from surges you need to install a surge protector which can be called as the surge suppressor. This decreases the electrical spikes or even stops entering into the house electrical circuit and will guard your appliances and should be properly installed with a qualified electrician. For electronic equipment protection, this device should be installed within some distance of three to five meters to give extra protection.

               Grounding should be properly examined as the surge protectors divert surge from your electronics or electrical appliances to ground wires in a house and finally reach earth.

Purchasing and installation should be carefully attended by a qualified electrician as the products vary in the market with respect to quality and need

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Smart is the buzz word that everyone now is crazy about. Smart phone, smart television and so on. A smart meter is one of such device which is gaining momentum in the energy sector. In simplest of terms, a smart energy meter is a device which is capable of recording electric energy in blocks of time (typically 96 blocks per day) and enables two-way communication with central system wired or wirelessly. It also enables on-demand data transfer.

There are some similarities between the smart meter and Smartphone. The factor which let the outburst of the smart phone market is an ability to run apps on a smart phone with mostly accepted operating systems like Android, IOS etc. Similarly, Smart meters also now have evolved with mostly accepted protocols (ex: IRDA) which are essential to communicate with the meters. The meters can transfer data over wireless using GSM or CDMA techniques. The meter data can be read from any platforms which lead to Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Instruments and made utilities/industries work cut-off. Hence brought huge investments into this market. It became very easy and convenient for industries to monitor their energy usage on timely basis which hugely benefits them in this era where Time of Day (TOD) of consumption also matters in energy billing.blog-post-5-10-15 copy

Now comes the murky part of these Smart Meters, as these are similar to smart phones with internet connectivity these are also prone to cyber threats. According to third annual Bit Sight Insights Industry Benchmark report, the energy sector is particularly vulnerable as more systems are being connected to the internet and hence cyber vulnerability increases. The report also warns that as this electric industry connects previously isolated control systems to the internet, IT-related threats could even shutdown power grid. Lloyd’s insurance company, along with researchers at Cambridge University, have “estimated potential losses from a cyber crime-induced blackout could hit US$1 trillion.”

As these types of threats are still new and fighting mechanism is not yet completely matured. Utilities/Industries need to continuously monitor and take steps to mitigate these threats before too much damage is done.

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Few things about Electric Transformers

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The highest demand in the modern world is Electric Power, which is the main source of energy to operate many needful appliances and modern day equipments. The most vital equipment or device in the electric power supply system is electric power transformers. By the process of electromagnetic induction power transformers transfer AC from one circuit to another and can stimulate the electrical signals in the process of transmission through wires.

Without transformers, the transmission and distribution of AC electric power over long distances would not be practicable. Electrical transformers are used to transform voltage from one level to another, usually from a higher voltage to a lower voltage. This is done by applying the principle of magnetic induction between coils to convert voltage and/or current levels.

An electric transformer works based on two concepts, electro-magnetic induction and other as electromagnetism. Electrical Few things about Electric Transformerstransformers are manufactured in two designs as single-phase or a three-phase depending on configuration and specifications as maximum secondary voltage rating, maximum secondary current rating, maximum power rating, and output type.

As the electricity leaves the power plant, it is of an extreme high voltage and not be capable of travelling much distance. The electric current that comes to our residential society has to be reduced to a lower voltage and then gets transferred to the local electric wires from the substation. Step down Voltage Transformer is used widely to decrease the voltage. For instance, a step down transformers becomes necessary when you wish to use for a purpose which require 220v.

Power transmission requires a step-up transformer at the power-generating station to raise the voltages. At the supply point, step-down transformers are used to reduce the voltage and increase the current as will be required by the residential or industrial purpose.

Electric power distribution is getting more successful than ever and had made it possible to transfer the power near and far successfully and more economical manner. Making possible for business, industries and houses very far and distant from power plants to have uninterrupted power supply.

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Circuit breaker is an electrical system that monitors and controls the quantity of amperes being sent through the electrical Circuit and they are one of the most used electrical equipment to safeguard any electrical equipment or gadget from any faulty wiring. This might be also an efficient way to cease damage as it will cut off the electrical power.

The electricity from the main distribution line is sent through an electrical meter, which goes through an electrical disconnect, and finally to a circuit breaker. The circuit breakers are fixed to an electrical panel and it varies in different measurements.  One single circuit breaker panel is able to supply your home of up to 200 amps of power. The circuit breakers have two rows of switches. The main breaker is larger than all other switches found inside the panel and clear with a value of protection on the breaker grip.LITTLE ABOUT CIRCUIT BREAKER

Breakers are manufactured as per the latest load capacity. Lighting requirements in home use 10-15-ampere rating circuit breakers. Specialized equipment like washing machines, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners require a bigger circuit breaker to handle the electrical load as per their requirement. Any electrical load beyond its programmed settings makes circuit breaker shut down.

Circuit breakers are different from electrical fuses. Older construction usually provides with the fuse which once blow should be replaced and cannot be reset.  The minimum requirement of a new home is 100 amps, which can be enough to power up coffeemakers, toasters, microwaves, air conditioners, water geysers, air conditioners, dishwashers, iron boxes, micro ovens and more. However, to be on the safe side if you have more appliances inside your home, you will need a 200-amp circuit breaker panel.

The Circuit breakers can be very useful to control the specific power spots within the electrical circuit making easy to know the problem in the circuit, depending on the breaker tripped or shut down.

If you are unsure of the amount of electric power you require, it is advisable to seek the services of a licensed electrician, before you decide to purchase circuit breakers and to install them in circuit breaker panel to prevent any short-circuit and other electrical hazards.

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