Types and Usage of Capacitors

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          A capacitor is a device with two terminals electrically isolated by insulating medium capable to store electrical energy temporarily. Theoretically it can store energy but capacitors are never used as electrical storage devices as they discharge energy quickly. Capacitors have wide applications in electrical as well as electronic fields. Capacitors are also called as condensers. The capacity of capacitors is defined as capacitance and is measured in Farads. Capacitors with ratings from picoFarads to KiloFarads are manufactured depending on the application.Types and Usage of Capacitors

          Capacitors can be classified into many types depending on the usage. In domestic appliances like fans, it is used for starting and also to improve power factor of fan during running. Also in many home appliances normal capacitors are used. Agriculture motors are highly inductive and increase the reactive currents heavily. To reduce reactive power which is very disadvantage for the power lines, agriculture capacitors are made mandatory by many power utilities. These agriculture capacitors apart from improving power factor also increases the power output of the agriculture motors thereby benefiting farmer as well as power utility.

          In industries, the role of capacitor is even more predominant. Industries have many induction motors and hence produce high reactive power. Reactive power billing is being done in many states which makes elevated bills in case capacitors are not used. Industrial usage capacitors like Power capacitors, Heavy duty extended life capacitors etc are available in the market which will improve power factors. Capacitors are also used in Harmonic filtration system wherein harmonics are suppressed for quality power.

In Sodium Vapour and Mercury Vapour lamps also capacitors are used for the starting and running purpose. These are called lighting capacitors. Capacitors are usually connected in shunt at the load for power factor improvement. In large capacity power capacitors, oil is also used as insulating medium. In large industries these types of oil capacitors are used for power factor correction.

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              To lessen the risk of electric power distortion, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are often included in electrical system. The changes such as voltage dips and surges, harmonics, or voltage spikes range in different forms which causes harm to electrical equipment during the operation stages or in particular as processing stages. A UPS system can be helpful equipment for guaranteed proper electric power supply performance either in residential sector or industries. UPS is probably the most commonly known to the average person, but they range from those made for a home-office to those that depends on situation such as

Industrial UPS: For use in industrial/manufacturing situations for plant facilities, industries/ factories.

Medical UPS:  For use in Medical facilities /centers and hospitals, Medical UPS systems are extremely important, as they provide life-support systems and other critical equipment.UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY (UPS) SYSTEMS AND ITS TYPES

Tele Communication System: For use in Server stations and web hosting places, along with phone companies, computer/communication Industry.

Military Grade UPS system: Military grade UPS systems are certified for quality under the Military -SPEC certification, which are used in military operations throughout the world.

High Temperature UPS System: For use in High Temperature situations which are specially created and suited for High Temperatures.

UPS Performance Characteristics:

UPS systems are in very much needed in situations where power fluctuations or outages frequently occur as they provide backup power that keeps systems running in case the power supply is failed. As of the conditions concerning voltage fluctuations or voltage disruption, it activates reserve electric power to keep systems operating until they can be safely shut down.  UPS systems can often also reduce the risk posed by harmonic disruptions and line transients. An efficient UPS usually includes following features:

  • Synchronized output voltage with low harmonic distortion unaffected by voltage or load changes.
  • An input current with reduced harmonic distortion
  • A low degree of electromagnetic interference and acoustic noise
  • Minimal transition times between normal and backup operations
  • High levels of reliability and efficiency
  • Relatively low cost, weight, and size requirements

As most of all UPS cannot provide all of the features at a time, it is always advised to find a UPS with the characteristics well suited for a need.

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Electrical Contractors- services

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In order to maintain a property or taking care of big building or any big construction, electrical contractors play a vital role. Any electrical repair, damages to your home residence you want to find a professional who knows how to get the job done.

You may experience issues with lighting, power outlets and any other components as your property is old with original wiring. If the power in your property is unreliable or disturbed you may need to get electrical professional to get the property inspected and to get renovated as they can get rid of old wires and install new and secured wires and components. Electrical power issues can be quite aggravating and its best to go ahead and have your wiring renovated before any troublesome issues.Electrical Contractors- services

Electrical contractors have a major role in maintaining an electrical division for a building or any property, either someone planning for a new construction or carrying an innovation or repairs to their property or residence electrical contractors is the one who knows to get the work done.

Simple upgrades for your property or adding a new equipment or component to existing electrical system, installing ceiling lights a experienced electrician will be always be a helping hand. But for people who are into designing electrical system from starch to new building or property the electrical contractor services are vital as these professionals have the knowledge and equipment to fulfill the job.

There are electrical contractors who offer 24/7 services and assistance when you have any issue that requires immediate attention, as it can be very important for an industry or residence to have electric power back very quickly.

It is very important to stay in schedule, while installing wiring and equipment  a knowledgeable and experience electrician will be a great help if it’s about time to get your improvement project is under thoughts.

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